Founded in 1933, the first and largest brewery in Thailand has been an active and integral promoter of Thai arts, culture and sport. The brand is the only Thai beverage to be granted permission to display the Royal Warrant, a garuda symbol of Thailand’s Royal endorsement on the product’s bottleneck.

As a long running supporter of Thailand’s national sport, and the main sponsor of the home of Muay Thai, Rajadamnern Stadium, Singha’s reputation within the Muay Thai arena is well established.

coca cola

Coca-Cola has been available in Thailand since 1949. Today, our system is the leading non-alcoholic beverage business in Thailand, employing around 10,000 people, operating 7 bottling plants and over 80 warehouses, and serving over 385,000 customer outlets through an extensive nationwide distribution network.

RSM Muay Thai Academy

The RSM academy offers a platform for enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to explore Muay Thai. Our proximity to the heart of the Muay Thai community has allowed us to enlist the services of renowned fighters and trainers with expertise in both martial arts, and fitness training.

What makes us unique is that alongside our officially certified training programmes for active and aspiring competition fighters, we have effectively adapted the Muay Thai training regime to to fit the needs of those seeking an engaging and sociable health and fitness program.

The RSM formula provides a unique take on the modern day gymnasium, replacing the impersonal approach to health and well being found in the high street health clubs and combat training centres, with one that is both stimulating and holistic.


Unlock the true creativity of product designed to improve every dimension of athletes performance , providing rapid results and significant from beginner to advanced . Our goal is to be a part of sport development. We put every detail matters to emphasize skills and technique from inside to the field.

Volt : Energy Wear was established in 2015 , based in Bangkok Thailand. We emphasize on producing sportswear that brings out the highest physical fitness efficiency to the game.  The reason of creating this brand came from the question that Why Thailand does not have any good sportswear brand? From this doubtfulness led us to create “Volt energy wear”.  We put the highest care to every detail from the very first production process to serve all customers the best quality energy sportswear.


Krungsiam Beverage Company Limited is currently among the Top 5 manufacturers of energy drinks in Thailand. Along with our signature product ‘Commando Energy Drink’, the company is also currently manufacturing variety of healthy and delicious beverages which includes “Yoku” (Assorted fruit juices in PET bottles), “Suntana” (assorted fruit juices in 320ml. aluminum cans) which is among the highest selling fruit juices in West African region, and “Siam Rich” (320ml aluminum canned fruit juices) available in Lychee, Mangosteen and Tamarind flavours. These products are currently delighting and nourishing the taste of every Thai and other 43 countries where Krungsiam Beverage products are regularly being exported.

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