Super Featherweight Division 130 lbs

From seeing the older kids in his neighborhood fight that’s made him interest in Muay Thai. Practice and training makes Chumponlek Sor Sodsai, becomes Samingdej Nor. Anuwat Gym, a Rajadamnern Champion 130 lbs nowadays.

Name: Mr.Sirichai Chayapon

Age: 19 years old.

Home Town: Udon Thani

Gym: Anuwat Gym

Promotion: Petchyindee

Favorite food: Thai Chicken with rice

Southpaw or Orthodox: Southpaw

Fight Style: All purpose.

Best Fight Weight: 127lbs

Fight Record

  • Win : 60     Draw: 2     Loss: 33

What was your dream as a kid? What is your dream for your future?

  • To be the best fighter of the year


  • Sangmanee is my idol.

Proudest achievement?

  • Becoming the Isaan Champ 47kgs divition.