Lightweight Division 135 lbs

Been bullying from another kids at school, hisdad taught him Muay Thai and becomes Dangerous and Famous Seksan Or Kwanmuang.

Name: Mr.Wasan Islam

Age: 31 years old.

Home Town: Nakhon Si thammarat

Gym: Sor.Sommai

Promotion: Sor.Sommai

Favorite food: Southern Food

Southpaw or Orthodox: Orthodox

Fight Style: Aggressive

Best fight weight: 135-136lbs

Fight Record

  • Win : 160     Draw: 5     Loss: 35

What was your dream as a kid? What is your dream for your future?

  • I wanted to be a champion when I was a kid. I want have my own gym at hometown in the future.

Who is your idol?

  • Buakaw Banchamek

Proudest achievement?

  • Becoming Channel 7 champ at 122 lbs, WBC Champ at 138lbs, IBF Champ at 135 and being the 135 Champ at Rajadamnern.