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Built in 1945, Rajadamnern Stadium stands as the most revered and iconic venue for Muay Thai fights in Thailand and is the driving force of Muay Thai as a sport. Without Rajadamnern Stadium, there would not be Muay Thai as we know it today. The grand architecture, design, awe-inspiring atmosphere, and rich history in every aspect of the stadium is what makes Rajadamnern Stadium extraordinary. You can feel the 78 years of living history as soon as you enter the stadium.

World's first Muay Thai stadium

Before 1945, Muay Thai was not a competitive sport, but rather a material art used for war. In 1945, the Thai government had a vision to build Rajadamnern stadium as both  a venue and a governing entity to professionalize Muay Thai into Thailand’s national sport.

Rajadamnern Stadium is known as the world’s first Muay Thai stadium with a rich history and its own heritage. Rajadamnern Stadium is the reason for Muay Thai’s very existence as the sport that we know today. Today, Muay Thai is considered the best form of striking on earth, one that has influenced the development of other combat sports such as kickboxing, which is why it’s very common to see not just Muay Thai fighter but kickboxer and MMA fighter from all over the world coming to Thailand to train at the origin place of the sport itself

Since 1945

A national Muay Thai stadium was built on Rajadamnern Avenue in 1941. The order came two years after the government issued an expropriation act to land owners to surrender their properties along Rajadamnern Avenue so that the government could build its office buildings in accordance with the city plan. The office of the Crown Property was assigned to carry out the project. The initial idea was to build the stadium at Misakawan Garden area, on the corner between Phitsanulok Road and Rajadamnern Nok Avenue. Later, the formerly-selected site was switched to the present one because the land was too small for the size of the stadium. The stadium still stands on the same site, situated on Rajadamnern Nok avenue, at the corner of Panieng Road, opposite Chulachomklao Military Academy.

When World War II ended, construction resumed in August 1945. It took only four months to complete and Thailand’s Muay Thai stadium was ready for its first match on December 23. Mr. Pramote Puengsoonthorn became the first stadium manager and remained in the post until his retirement from his last position as director of the office of the Crown Property in 1947. Replacing Mr Pramote was Mr. Pralart Issarangkura, who was the deputy director of the office of the Crown Property. He held the position as stadium manager for two years and was succeeded by Mr. Chalerm Cheosakul.

Home of Champion

Rajadamnern Stadium stands as the unrivaled pinnacle of Muay Thai, serving as both the world's first Muay Thai stadium and its esteemed governing body. Since its establishment in 1945, this hallowed arena has witnessed the extraordinary feats of numerous legendary fighters, catapulting them to international acclaim.

Every Muay Thai superstar fighters must have competed at Rajadamnern, within the sacred confines of Rajadamnern Stadium. To step into the ring at Rajadamnern Stadium is the epitome of honor for any Muay Thai fighter, signifying their status as the "real deal" in the realm of this ancient martial art. It is the culmination of a professional Muay Thai career, a testament to their skill, dedication, and unwavering spirit. Rajadamnern Stadium bestows upon its fighters a revered status, recognizing them as bearers of the highest honor within the sport.

Rajadamnern stadium also regularly hosts championship bouts and legendary fights that brought the best fighters from around the globe. All top promoters in Thailand partner with Rajadamnern and send their best fighters to this ring, proving that this is the most desired stage for the best fighters in the world.

Colosseum of Muay Thai

In 2022, the stadium underwent a renovation to adapt to modern demands and technological innovations. Today, Rajadamnern is now a world-class sports and entertainment venue which prides itself on the highest quality fights with high level production. At the same time, Rajadamnern Stadium still maintains the original authentic charm, character, and essence of the sport of Muay Thai that has captivated generations of spectators.

Today within the walls of this grand facade, the stadium is equipped with world-class sound systems that create an immersive experience, filled with traditional music and elaborate ceremonies, for Muay Thai fans from all over the world.

Rajadamnern Stadium is officially one of the must visit destinations for travelers from all over the world, as well as the likes of world renowned celebrities and personalities. Some famous names that have witnessed true and authentic Muay Thai here at Rajadamnern Stadium include president Emmanuel Macron, Jack Ma, Arctic Monkeys, James Franco, Louis Saha, Tyson Fury and much more. All have enjoyed Thailand’s national sport within the same hallowed grounds where legendary fighters have showcased their skills and bravery for decades.








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