A national boxing stadium to be built on Rajadamnern Avenue in 1941. The order came two years after the government issued an expropriation Act to land owners to surrender their properties along Rajadamnern Avenue so that the government could build its office buildings in accordance with the city plan. The office of the Crown Property was assigned to carry out the project. The initial idea was to build the stadium at Misakawan Garden area, on the corner between Pitsanoloke Road and Rajadamnern Nok Avenue. Later, the formerly-selected site was switched to the present one because the land was too small for the size of the stadium. The stadium, now still standing on the same site, is situated on Rajadamnern Nok avenue, at the corner of Panieng Road, opposite Chullachomklao Military Academy.

Imprese Italiane All’ Estero-Oriente won the construction contract to build the stadium in 1941. When the foundation stone was laid on March I, the 258,900 baht project then started. The project, not yet completed, was forced to stop during World War II due to the lack of construction supplies. Later in 1944, Mr.Pramote Puengsoonthorn, then appointed deputy director of the office of the Crown Property, brought the boxing stadium project into consideration again. He submitted the plan to the director, Col.Suwan Phenchan who also agreed and ordered that the construction of the nearly-finished stadium be completed.

When WWII ended, the construction resumed in August 1945. It took only four months to complete and the national boxing stadium was ready for its first match in December 23. Mr.Pramote Puengsoonthorn became the first stadium manager and remained in the post until his retirement from the his last position as director of the office of the Crown Property in 1947. Replacing Mr Pramote was Mr Pralart Issarangkura who was then deputy director of the office of the Crown Property. He held the position as stadium manager for two years and was succeeded by Mr.Chalerm Cheosakul.

Seeing the inconvenience of holding boxing matches in an open air stadium, Mr.Chalerm therefore asked to roof the whole place. M.L. Taweewongse Thawalyasak, then director of the of fice of Crown Property, agreed and assigned the Christiani & Nielsen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. to build the roof as well as some additional seats. The well-equipped standard stadium was completed in 1951. During the seven years of operation under the of fice of the Crown Property, Rajadamnern boxing stadium ran in a loss. The of fice planned to give up its operation and offered to rent it to any private organization (under the condition that the organization must be owned by Thai).

Mr.Chalerm who was still stadium manager, thought that it would not be suitable to let outsiders run the stadium. He, therefore, asked permission from the office of the Crown Property to run the stadium and founded the “Rajadamnern Co.,Ltd.” in May 24, 1953. The Rajadamnern Co.,Ltd. has since organized boxing matches at Rajadamnern boxing stadium, expanded its infra structure and gradually developed it so that it has now become one of the world-renowned boxing stadium and an institution of Muay Thai in Thailand.